Innovating flow control technology since 1977.

As Korea's leading automatic valve & regulator manufacturer, we at Shinwoo Valve understand the importance of customer satisfaction. 


By combining functions of key piping and valve assemblies into a single solution, Shinwoo Valve's innovative flow control products help project managers and on-site professionals achieve significant reduction in downtime and overall cost, as well as installation space.


With Korea's first research and development center dedicated to valve technology and advanced testing facilities certified by the Korean government, Shinwoo Valve's flow experts design and build products to meet the highest standards, ensuring quality and dependable performance under any conditions.

Whether it's application of technologies like 3D printing, BIM, or implementation of new data driven QA procedures, pursuit of innovation and perfection is an ever ongoing process at Shinwoo Valve.




#1 Regulator
Brand in Korea


9001, 14001


Field-proven in more than
20 countries worldwide.

From critical industrial infrastructures such as semiconductor fabrication plants and power plants to landmark skyscrapers, Shinwoo Valve's flow control solutions have been proven in the field for over 40 years, in more than 20 countries worldwide.



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For English inquiries, e-mail or call +82-2-2278-0741.

如有疑问请拨打以下电话: 0411-8751-0255 / 0411-8751-1049 (HP: 186-4096-9161)

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