Shinwoo Valve provides a wide range of optimized solutions for different applications, such as differential pressure controllers and regulators for increased Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) efficiency, triple duty check valves and suction diffusers for pump equipment protection against water hammer, two way valves for fire protection, fully stainless steel valves and strainers for potable water supply, steam PRVs and more.

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Shinwoo Valve Stainless Steel

Reliable Fire Protection.

Under All Conditions.

Shinwoo Valve's innovative fire protection solutions are robust, dependable, and highly efficient.

In 2017, Shinwoo Valve became the first manufacturer ever to pass KFI's stringent requirements - considered to be even more demanding than its counterparts in U.S. - to acquire certificate of performance for its Pressure Reducing Valve.


Stainless Steel For

Safe Drinking Water.

Even the best filtration and piping systems are only clean as the valves in between. Traditional cast iron and epoxy coating can erode over time, making them unfit for potable use.


Shinwoo Valve's complete portfolio of corrosion resistant stainless steel products ensures safe potable water supply, as well as increased life span for long lasting peace of mind.

Stop Water Hammer.

Protect Pump Systems.

Occurrence of cavitation or water hammer not only causes noise and vibration, but may also irreversibly damage valuable pump equipment, resulting in loss of critical operation time or, in some severe cases, even compromising the structural integrity of the entire building complex.

Shinwoo Valve's patented check valves and suction diffuser are field- proven to offer superior protection against water hammer and deliver greater pump efficiency.

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​Energy Efficiency Starts

With Flow Control. 

Efficiency of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems depend on the efficiency of the flow supply.


Shinwoo Valve's HVAC solutions provide precise and hassle-free flow and differential pressure control, minimizing waste and increasing the overall efficiency of the building.