Level Control Valve
  • Level Control Valve

    Model Number: SWV-S12/22, SWV-F12/22, SWV-FS11/12/22, SWV-FS11D/12D


    SWV-S12,22 (Level Control Valve with Solenoid):


    Unlike the traditional designs that require outside copper tubing, all of the product's functions, including those to control the closing time and the precise level of water, are built into the design as a built-in type. This advance in design not only increases the product’s overall robustness, but also makes it more convenient to maintain and install. This valve is especially suitable for applications with automatic supplying and draining facilities on water tanks and reservoirs that are operated by electrodes. Since the manual by-pass valve comes installed, the valve can be easily opened or closed even during black outs or solenoid valve malfunctions.



    SWV-F12,22 (Level Control Valve with Float):


    This is a fully self-acting level control valve; there is no need for electric power or auxiliary power supply. This valve controls the water level of the tank and reservoir by operating the opening and closing of the main valve through the buoyancy of a float (float can be purchased and installed separately).



    SWV-FS11, 12, 22 (Level Control Valve with Solenoid and Float):


    This valve combines both Solenoid and Float.  The float will act as redundancy and close safely in case the solenoid malfunctions (float can be purchased and installed separately).


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