Pressure Reducing Valve for Individual Unit
  • Pressure Reducing Valve for Individual Unit

    Model Number: SWP - WO1, WO1A, WO1C, WO1D, WS01


    Pressure Reducing Valve SWP for Individual Unit protects equipment and pipe lines by maintaining the pressure of water supply regardless of floor level. This valve is a diaphragm type direct acting pressure reducing valve with an outstanding control ability to prevent inconveniences caused by unbalanced distribution of flow rate to each residential or office unit.


    SWP Angle Type (SWP-WS01) is an integrated assembly of angle type ball valve, check valve, and pressure reducing valve SWP which fundamentally solves pipe vibration and noise problems.  A test gauge is also built-in for easier hydrostatic testing, and built-in check valve prevents possible bacterial or other microbial pollution that might be caused by reverse surge.  Innovative design using ball disc check valve and check disc holder prevents damage as well as noise and vibration. 


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