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Stainless Steel Level Control Valve

Stainless Steel Level Control Valve

Model Number: SWV-S11S, S12S, F11S, F12S, FS11S, FS12S


Made of stainless steel, SWV-11S/12S is highly resistant against corrosion and erosion.  This lightweight valve is easy to handle and reduces weight load stress on the piping system.  Its simple design also makes it easy to operate, maintain, and replace on site.  SWV-11S/12S's V-PORT design prevents hunting and noise.  A stainless steel plate has been compression molded via precision casing and built into the disc to ensure excellent airtightness and durability, in addition to making the insulation of the valve body more convenient.  SWV-11S/12S is KC certified for drinking water safety.


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