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Triple Duty Check Valve Angle Type

Triple Duty Check Valve Angle Type

Model Number: TOV-A12, 22, 25


Check valves are critical for the prevention of backflow and protection of pumps from cavitation damage.  Shinwoo Valve's patented TOV-A is a check valve capable of blocking reverse surge and preventing cavitation via shut-off in case of sudden pump stoppages, as well as relieving the pump's vacuum and regulating flow rate.  Because TOV-A has the functionalities of three valves built into one, assembly, disassembly, and maintenance are made much easier with significantly reduced installation footprint and overhead.



•Three different products in one : Non-slam check, shut-off, and balancing function in one valve


• Reduction of required parts : No reducer or elbow pipe necessary


• Two different sizes for suction side and exit side are available


• Convenient repair : Repair can be performed on site without removing the valve from the line


• Streamlined flow passage and low head loss for enhanced pump efficiency


• Field-proven to prevent water hammer damage


• Opening can be adjusted manually to control fluid flow 



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